A significant policy of Marine Acme Thai Dockyard Co.,Ltd. is the environmental policy by which the company puts more emphasis on environmental impact. Any tasks causing an impact against the environment, such as sand blasting, color spraying, oil stain left from cleaning, will be totally prevented and eliminated.

For support above sentence. This year the company go for approve ISO 14001:2004 version. This standard has confirmed on our company direction of environmental.


1. Environmental document has completed on April, 2010.
2. Internal Audit on mid of April, 2010.
3. Stage 1 pre audit on May 19, 2010.
4. Follow up to fix and revise all comment from SGS auditor.
5. Plan to stage 2 audit within 2 month after first pre audit.

MAT has to Achieved this certificated on October 22, 2010.

Certified System Management

Integrated System for Quality, Environmemt,

Occupational Health & Safety Management


ISO 14001:2015

ISO logo


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001



We start the first step by announce the committee team to handle this project on Febuary, 2010. The ISO team has 11 persons which come from for variety depardment of company to ensure that cover environmental effect with come from all of company activities.
We start the second step by select consultancy and third party for this project. The consultancy name MASSBIZ. The third party name is SGS.
The consultancy company has provide ISO 14000 training courses are included :
a) Environmental Management System Awareness
b) Environmental Aspect
c) Law and Regulation
d) Internal Audit
Renovated garbage zone.
Internal training for employee for Environmental Awareness.



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